HVAC service and installation

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On-site consulting

Choosing the right heating or air conditioning system is an important step for an investor, so it is recommended to consult a professional before buying.

The consultant understands the technical characteristics of heating and cooling equipment and will recommend the best heating, air conditioning or ventilation system based on your needs.

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Hassle-free installation

A correctly and professionally installed heating or cooling system is a prerequisite for efficient, safe and economical operation.

Before a stove or boiler is installed, the chimney and, if it is a central heating system, the piping must be arranged. Delivery, installation, connection and start-up are all part of a hassle-free installation.

First ignition

First ignition

The initial startup of the heater is important because the authorized technician checks that all installation conditions have been met in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

The initial start-up includes checking that the heater has been installed correctly, checking the operating parameters and adapting the system to the existing installation, instructing the user on correct use and maintenance.

Annual service

Annual service

Professional maintenance optimizes the operation of the heating system, which means better efficiency or energy savings. A properly maintained and serviced stove and boiler is much less likely to break down and cause inconvenience.

Many pellet stove manufacturers require regular annual maintenance as a condition of product warranty.

Stove servicing

Hello assistance

Troubleshooting for heating and cooling equipment. The speed of repair depends on the type of fault and the availability of spare parts.

As an authorized repairer, we guarantee the conditions set by the manufacturer. The manufacturer trusts us and gives us every opportunity to fix any fault as quickly as possible.

Full delivery

Full delivery

Full delivery includes home delivery, entry, unpacking in the presence of the customer and checking the condition of the shipment, removal of packaging.

Delivery with entry also with transfer to the floor or cellar via stairs for stoves and boilers weighing up to 400 kg. In case of more complex deliveries, prior agreement is required.

Authorized service

DomoTehna is the authorized service for the following brands

Eva calor
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Diloc 1920 box

Warranty Service

The user of the equipment is entitled to have defective parts repaired or replaced at no charge during the warranty period, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The user must present the original invoice showing the item, date and place of purchase.

  • Proof of proper installation and start-up. Installation must be performed by a qualified installer. Initial start-up must be performed by an authorized technician who will be responsible for any malfunction. If the initial start-up has not been carried out correctly, an initial ignition must be carried out to check that the installation is correct.

  • Description of the fault and the alarms that appear on the display. For air conditioners, the operating pressure of the refrigerant must also be reported.

If the user does not provide the above documents at the time of repair, the service will be charged in full according to the price list. The first putting into operation will be charged. Incorrect installations that do not comply with the manufacturer's requirements (e.g. insufficient chimney draft, non-compliance with safety clearances, incorrect connections, defects in the system, incorrectly used or installed materials) are not covered by the service guarantee. Defects caused by improper use or maintenance are not covered by the warranty.

If it is determined that the conditions for claiming the warranty are not met and the customer decides not to have the repair performed, the cost of the technical personnel will be charged. If it is determined that there are no conditions for the warranty to apply, the repair performed will be charged as a service.

The conditions for claiming the warranty are specified in the instructions supplied with the equipment. The user must ensure adequate access to the equipment.