DomoTehna, Univectra d.o.o. PE DomoTehna

DomoTehna is the official service for many world-renowned companies. The team specializes in biomass heating systems. In addition to service, it provides installation of heating systems throughout the country.
The beginnings of DomoTehna go back to the year 2009, when the company was working exclusively as a co-operator for other companies in the field of heating and cooling service. During that time, the service team gained a lot of experience and technical knowledge. Most importantly, they gained an understanding of the customer's needs.

In 2014, there was an opportunity that completely changed the company's direction and mode of operation. DomoTehna accepted an invitation to join as official service La Nordica Extraflame, a world-class manufacturer of wood and pellet stoves and boilers. Since then, the service unit has become the authorized service provider for the entire territory of the Slovenia.

The focus of the team on specialization has also been noticed by the Slovenian manufacturer of pellet boilers, Biodom, with whom the cooperation as an official and authorized service center was started in 2016.

In 2017, DomoTehna became an official service centre for Cadel, Moretti Design and Eva Calor. Strengthening the service team, DomoTehna also assumed the role of service center for Artel, Kalor, Centrometal, Thermoflux, MBS stoves.

In 2019, the service was extended to include MCZ, Pegaso and Punto Fuoco woodburning and pellet stoves and boilers. The DomoTehn service team is already trusted by more than 5,000 households and small businesses.

Continued investment in training and obtaining the relevant certifications has enabled DomoTehna to expand its activities to include servicing and installing heat pumps. In 2020, the role of authorised service provider was also accepted for Swedish ES heat pumps and Diloc air conditioning units.

The year 2020 is marked by the arrival of new management. The Biodom, Thermoflux and MBS programs are discontinued, while DomoTehna continues to service Centrometal stoves.

In 2021, DomoTehna invested in new equipment. This allows DomoTehna to offer a complete installation service, including delivery, entry, connection and first ignition for the appliances for which it is an authorized repairer.